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Two and a Half Lemon

Vault 5, Old Treasury Building, Vittoriosa Marina, Birgu – Vittoriosa , Malta

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Two and a Half Lemon is set within the Vittoriosa Marina, a relatively new development which includes luxury apartments, a yacht marina, a casino, restaurants and bars, as well as the National Maritime Museum. Set on the shoreline of the historic town of Birgu (the original settlement of the Knights of St. John), the area provides fantastic views of Senglea just across the marina and Valletta further on.

The medieval building within which Two and a Half Lemon is located used to serve as the Treasury for the Knights of St. John. This offers a space with tons of character but also a challenge to blend the decor of a modern restaurant with the features of a fifteenth century room such as the old vaulted ceiling. The project is a success, with a mix of traditional touches, such as typical Maltese tiles, with contemporary strokes including Phillipe Starke chairs.

The menu is a healthy combination of meat and fish dishes, pasta, salads and platters. It is purposefully varied to lend itself well both with evening patrons after a fine dining venue and with daytime customers who want to enjoy a glass of wine while soaking in the fine Maltese weather and the idyllic marina views. The creative set menus at Two and a Half Lemon make an interesting choice. One of them offers an Italian platter of cold fresh produce, a fresh Maltese bread basket to be enjoyed with extra virgin oil and aged balsamic vinegar, an oven roast sea bream and a hazelnut Gateau Marie for dessert.

However, the ace up their sleeve must be the Black Rock Grill. This is a unique and deliciously healthy dining experience that allows your meal to be cooked live on your table using a scorching volcanic rock. This sears in all the natural juices, flavours and nutrients, guaranteeing a taste that is unique to black rock grill dining. So choose a rib-eye, duck breast or kangaroo fillet, yellow fin tuna or tiger prawns, cut them into bit size pieces and let them grill to your liking on this piece of volcanic rock!

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