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The Mdina Experience

The Mdina Experience, 7 Mesquita Square, Mdina, Malta


Malta has a rich and complex history. Mdina, the island’s medieval capital, was at the centre of the ensuing tragedy and triumph experienced by the people through the ages. The Mdina Experience does a fantastic job of portraying the history behind this captivating city in an interesting and gripping manner. It is the answer to the frequent murmured phrase around its meandering streets “if only these walls could talk”.

From prehistoric times and the cult of the mother goddess, to the shipwreck of St. Paul and the start of Christianity in Malta, to the earthquake that half destroyed the city and its subsequent splendid rebuilding, to the powerful story of the Knights of St. John. It is all narrated in a vivid and fascinating style.

The actual theatre is housed within a medieval building with period architecture and boasts modern theatre technology with multi-controlled high resolution digital projection systems. State-of-the-art sound and lighting technology give the 30 minute show a definite two thumbs up. Simultaneous multi-language soundtracks are available through the use of headsets.


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