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The Fish Lounge

46, Triq San Gorg, STJ 3205 San Gilian, Malta


The Fish Lounge is situated in St Julians and Bugibba and has quickly become the leading Fish Spa on the island due to its highly professional approach and state of the art filtration systems. The Fish Spa offers the biggest and most comfortable treatment tanks with the most fish, to offer an innovative, natural well-being treatment whereby over a 100 special fish exfoliate your feet in a safe, gentle, fun and relaxing reflexology massage.

Experience the unique sensation of over a 100 little fish gently nibbling away superfluous skin off your feet. Not many things that are good for you are this much fun!
‘Fish Therapy’ is a very healthy, natural skin treatment, originating in Turkey, where it has been practiced for centuries using a special type of fish called Garra Rufa. These fascinating little ‘skin specialists’ give you a natural pedicure as they gently suck away unwanted dead skin and clean your pores, leaving your feet feeling much softer, refreshed and healthy. While doing that, they softly massage your feet, increase the blood circulation and stimulate acupuncture points. This helps regulate the nervous system, enhances natural immunity, relaxes the body and releases fatigue. Other than that, the treatment eases and heals the symptoms of numerous skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Last but not least, it is a truly fascinating and fun experience that will definitely put a big smile on your face!!