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Rosmarino Mediterranean Cuisine Bistro

Rosmarino, Villegaignon Street, MDN 1440 Mdina – Malta

Valletta Glass Souvenir Shop, Villegaignon Street, Mdina – Malta


Set in the idyllic surroundings of Mdina, the silent city of the Maltese islands, Rosmarino Bistro provides visitors a chance to sample the authentic Mediterranean cuisine and all it has to offer in the heart of a city as rich in history and culture as the ingredients that go into each dish.

This renovated 16th century Palazzo, offers guests the opportunity to dine in one of Mdina’s most unique Bistros. Our spacious, yet quaint, courtyard is the perfect setting for a romantic meal for two, with the chance to enjoy the amorous backdrop and calming atmosphere enjoyed by all who visit.

On the menu of Rosmarino you will find a host of traditional Maltese dishes as well as unforgettable Mediterranean classics including pasta dishes, authentic pizzas and the freshest seafood delights that will have you filled with the passion that has come to be synonymous with the region.

The traditional Maltese Rabbit and Chicken Parmigiana are just two of the dishes that have become favourites among patrons of the Rosmarino as all of the dishes are lovingly and uniquely prepared to an unsurpassable quality, fit for the royalty and aristocracy who once resided in the Mdina Palazzos. Visitors get a royal treatment from our friendly and welcoming staff.

The dining in this traditional setting is enhanced by the addition of the decor provided by the owner’s own glass creations, providing a distinctive ambience to this authentic Medieval palace.

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