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Ristorante Cosmana Navarra

Cosmana Navarra, 28, St. Paul’s Street, Rabat, Malta.

+35621450638 +35679429239

Ristorante Cosmana Navarra is situated in Rabat, just opposite St. Paul’s church. The history behind this magnificent building is a long standing one and now converted to a townhouse restaurant, one of the many features is a traditional balcony ideal for romantic dining.

The separate rooms lend themselves superbly for the adapted purpose of the building, offering clients the opportunity to dine in private rooms. This in itself gives the restaurant an added character and style, besides the good food and welcoming atmosphere one expects from any dining experience.

The menu offers a vast variety of mouth-watering Mediterranean dishes, together with a selection of Maltese platters to complement any local or foreign wine from our extensive wine list.


At Ristorante Cosmana Navarra we believe that besides excellent food and relaxing ambience, service is an essential part of any dining or entertainment experience. Led by a team of experienced and friendly personnel, patrons can rest assured that organizing an event at Ristorante Cosmana Navarra will be an authentic experience in itself.

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