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Nenu The Artisan Baker

 Nenu the Artisan Baker 143, St Dominic Street, Valletta, Malta


Apart from restoring a dilapidated site back to its former glory, Nenu – The Artisan Baker attracts a degree of tourism influx which, to date, has given little consideration to this part of Malta’s historical city.
Additionally, a myriad of potential local target audiences visit the premises as a means of entertainment or for many another event.
Nevertheless, whether one is a tourist or a local, the most popular reason for such visit is the tasting of typical Maltese authentic food, especially the Maltese traditional ftira.

Nenu provides visitors not only with a dining experience to be remembered but brings to life the historical evolution of ftira baking and cooking of traditional gastronomy.

Virtual and physical displays of bakery related memorabilia are permanently on display in order to inculcate a more personalised approach to the art and skill of the bakery trade amongst visitors who, under normal circumstances, may have underestimated the economic and social importance of the trade across so many decades.

Nenu takes pride in knowing that those who wish to do so may also immerse themselves in a hands-on experience of the process of ftira making. Bakers will demonstrate and pass on some of their artistic skills to those eager to learn a few tricks of the trade.


The Menu :

Nenu The Artisan Baker offers you a selection of locally produced authentic ftiras and other typically traditional Maltese dishes, sweets and beverages including wines and liqueurs.

The Maltese bread was the catalyst in prompting Nenu to embark on this business venture. The promotion of the traditional ftira serves as a bridge between past dietary and eating habits and future delicacies packaged for locals and tourists collectively. All served fresh and prepared with indigenous ingredients already known to and explored with by our forefathers.

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