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Melita Gardens Salina


Salina Park, Qawra, St. Paul’s Bay, Malta, SPB 1908

+35621575258  +356982754

Melita Gardens Salina, the latest addition to the AvantGarde portfolio, meets the demand for good food and refreshments at the Salina National Park, a family-oriented leisure landmark. Pizzas, baguettes, savoury snacks, cakes, gateaus, a selection of beverages, and everything you need to have a great time – something our customers are familiar with, and have come to expect.

Melita Gardens Salina is perfectly suited for family outings – it is an open-air venue loved by adults and children alike. Parents will enjoy some respite from the daily grind, and kids will benefit from some outdoor fun. The rest of us are left with a premier chill-out location, in the usual Melita mould.

Melita Salina Gardens is an ideal venue for families where children can play in the park while parents can enjoy food indoors or outdoors. Equipped with WIFI facilities one can surely stay connected and major sport events are aired on a daily basis. Parking is available within and outside the park and the venue offers access and facilities for disabled people.


At Melita Salina Gardens we offer mouth watering pizzas, sandwiches, baguettes, ftiras & pies all prepared in home style goodness. Never leave without having tried at least one of our heavenly delicious cakes. Our beverages list includes hot and cold beverages, refreshing smoothies and a selection of local and foreign wines.

So if you are in for a treat, call us today and we’ll be sure to make your dining experience worthwhile. Take away orders are also accepted.