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La Sfoglia Restaurant


La Sfoglia Café & Bistro, 67 & 68 Merchant street, Valletta, Malta

 Monday to Sunday 8:00am to 23:00pm

+35679919966 +35677834105

Preserving the tradition of Italian food and wine

During our past working experience in Valletta we developed a love and appreciation for the city’s spirito. Sfoglia is located in Merchants Street in the heart of the baroque city of Valletta. Our mediterranean-influenced menu changes regularly and is inspired by the seasonally available produce. We encourage diners to eat all’Italiana sampling an antipasto, a primo plate of Sfoglia’s renowned pasta – Sfoglia means an uncut sheet of pasta – a secondo of naturally-raised meats, a contorno made with local ingredients and a dolce from Sfoglia’s menu of deliziosi desserts.

La Sfoglia Cafe Bistro’ kitchen will be lead by Mr. Samuel Caruana and consulted by a michelin star Chef Mr. Oswald Caruana .Our chef will be creating food with great indulgence adding his natural touch of class by choosing and fuseing ingredients to create top-class food , which will vary daily.


Our all-Italian list of vini, aperitivi, e digestivi offers an unusual selection. The unfussy, casual elegance of Sfoglia’s interior puts the diner at ease. We hope that Sfoglia will become a tradition with you and you will come back to our table often.


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