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Great Siege of Malta

34 Republic Square, Republic Street, Valletta – Malta

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One inescapable fact about Malta is the Great Siege of Malta 1565, an episode of world history that shaped Malta and changed it forever. The Great Siege Events Museum has been totally renewed and upgraded after ten years of service and the new narrative brings to life many aspects of this four months long battle over Malta between the Order of St John and the Ottoman Empire.

Explore the days of ‘The Great Siege of Malta 1565′, a turning point in history, a battle against all odds resisting the supremacy of the Ottoman Empire. Although Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent expected to overrun the island within one week, tiny Malta proved to be a stumbling block rather than the steppingstone to Europe he had imagined.

Your virtual guide to the Great Siege is Francisco Balbi di Correggio, a poet and soldier who fought with the Spanish Corps during the Great Siege at Malta. His vivid eye-witness account is the basis for an exciting journey through the events of the historical Great Siege of 1565. Francisco Balbi will guide the visitor to Grand Master Jean Parisot de Valette at Fort St Angelo, desperately writing letters for support to all sovereigns of Europe. He will also stop at the Topkapi Palace at Istanbul. Here the visitor will discover the intrigue behind the invasion, admire Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his harem. Then Francesco will show the life on board of a Turkish galley and let the visitor smell the fear in the ditch of Fort St Elmo. He is full of admiration for the resilience of the Maltese in the final days of this magnificent struggle.

The Great Siege Events Museum presentation spreads over 500 square meters and tells the story of the Great Siege in 23 scenes. While moving through the scenes the visitors can listen to the narrative, embellished with fantastic music and excellent voice-overs. Mannequins in period costume, video, audio and aromatic effects will make the visitor feel part of those times. The narrative, provided by means of audio-guides in stereo, is available in English, Maltese, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Japanese and Swedish.

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