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Embassy Shopping Outlets

 Embassy Shopping Complex St. Lucia Street, Valetta VLT1185


Agenda bookshop operates as the leading books and magazines retailer in Malta. Today, Agenda bookshop outlets may be found in high profile, heavy footfall areas like the Airport, the Malta University Campus, the Cruise Liner Terminal and the main shopping malls, and is a household name in this market. Offering the very latest International best sellers and a wide selection of new titles on a daily basis, our offer is as wide and deep as would be expected of leading bookshops in the UK. Agenda bookshop can be found on the ground floor of the Embassy Shopping Complex. 



Bershka was created in April 1998 as a new store and fashion concept, aimed at a younger target market. It now has 591 stores in 40 countries.
Bershka stores are large and spacious, with an avant-garde appearance. They are intended to be meeting points for street fashion, music and art. In the store, customers can watch videos, listen to CDs or read magazines. At Bershka, the shopping experience is a sociocultural immersion into the youth aesthetics of the new century.



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As a brand, Monsoon is known for bright colours, beautiful fabrics and attention to detail and when it comes to Monsoon Children these factors are applied as wholeheartedly as they are with the Ladies’ range. The occasion wear needs no introduction, with a large selection on offer of beautiful dresses in tulle, chiffon or silk, often rich in embroidery or beading. Many a little princess has worn her Monsoon dress for her birthday party, Holy Communion or other similar occasion with pride, knowing that she will definitely stand out. Conveniently there is a great choice of matching shoes, bags, jewellery and hair accessories to ensure the whole look is achieved effortlessly.


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