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Del Borgo Winebar and Café

Del Borgo, St. Domnic Street – Birgu (Vittoriosa), Malta

 Open every day from 5:00pm onwards. Food served till 1:00am

+35621803710 +35699280000

Del Borgo is situated in the historical city Birgu – Citta Vittoriosa, offering a wide selection of foreign and local wines and an interesting menu with an emphasis on local produce.

The place, which used to be the cellar of the Prince of Wales’ Own band club, was once a centuries-old palace.

“All things start with a thought and our original idea was to open a place with a Maltese character both in the ambience and the food offered and then give the whole thing a contemporary and international flair,” says Alan Mercieca Bons, owner of Del Borgo (meaning fortified city, as Birgu, was formerly known).

“That’s how Del Borgo came about. The place is a typical Maltese dwelling with a lot of character which we have restored and updated with minimal décor, losing none of its history, while giving it a fresh look.

“When it came to the choice of wine, we wanted to offer a good and varied selection.

“In the wine list we went into a lot of details, featuring every particular characteristic of each wine, categorised according to the taste and grape variety, country of origin, and price.”
Patrons should also look for wine-tasting sessions to be held regularly at the bar.

The food menu is kept simple but interesting. Ravioli with gbejniet-filling and fresh tomato sauce; Maltese platters; Battered Cod Fritters; Hobza mimlija Maltija are among the specialities served.

“We wanted to move away from the internationalisation of ingredients and go back to our roots with recipes like mama used to make,” says Ingrid Dalli. “Malta has a heritage of food which we are trying to revive and present it with a modern touch.”

Del Borgo is open every day (including Sunday) from 6.00 p.m. until morning. The kitchen is open throughout.