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Bacchus Restaurant

Bacchus Restaurant, 1 Inguanez Alley Mdina – Malta


The unique experience offered by Bacchus Restaurant commences right as you walk past the restaurant’s port coulis. You will instantly appreciate that this is the start of a memorable experience. Guests dining at Bacchus are those endowed with a flair for chic cuisine and the importance of treating themselves.

La Cuve is considered by patrons as the most romantic area both because of its subdued lighting and its layout. Bacchus becomes an arena where class divisions are safely breached. Diverse human exchanges such as Business Deals, Seductions, Family quarrels take place. Social pretensions, guile and dictates of fashion are in evidence where you can have pretension to be rich, urbane, and powerful, and where the roles of Gastronome, bon-vivant, good father, benevolent mother and ardent lover can be played without the subterfuge being exposed.

Upstairs from the restaurant dining area is the banqueting room, which seats 450 guests on round tables. This overlooks a beautiful garden which itself overlooks Mdina. These gardens and banqueting room are frequently used for private functions, banqueting and wedding receptions. All of the catering is carried in-house, and a stand-up reception can easily be arranged for in excess of 1000 guests.

La Belle Terrace is set in lush gardens and offers the most tranquil and peaceful surroundings, where you do not have to compete with the hustle and bustle of traffic, noise and other distractions.

Le Jardin Secret is a dream secret garden occupying the south eastern section of the Bastion. It is open for lunch during springtime and for dinner during summer time. This is the place where you can hide from all your troubles and responsibilities. The actual size of this incredible property and its gardens equate to approximately one twelfth of the whole of Mdina.

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