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Amazonia Lido


Dolmen Resort Hotel – Qawra, St. Paul’s Bay, SPB 2402 Malta

  : +35621372218


The idea is a simple one; you sit by the shores of the bay of Amazonia and admire the stunning sunsets to a backdrop of ambient and eclectic music provided.

The simplicity of the lido and the pleasure one takes in the perfect combination of scenery, beautiful weather and the wonderfully chilled music, make every sunset a special one.

We are still awed by the silence, which descends on the bar as the sun reluctantly gives up its last rays, before vanishing below the horizon.

Amazonia prides itself in pioneering the freshest new talent combined with an already established lineup of promoters. Here you will enjoy the very best music has to offer. In addition, there are live “PAs”: percussion, saxophones and podium dancers combine and create the perfect party recipe.

Sit and relax in the luxury of our Terrace or enjoy a drink from one of the bars then dance the night away with your friends until the early hours.